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Thomas I. (Tom) Butler has over 40 years of experience in the development of application and polymers in the plastics industry.  He made significant contributions to the development of polyethylene polymers and processing technology while at The Dow Chemical Company. His expertise includes extrusion process design and control, coextrusion technology, and blown film process technology.  He has presented over 70 technical papers at technical conferences, including SPE, ANTEC, RETEC, SME, TAPPI, and NPE.  He served as a co-editor of the first and second editions of the TAPPI Film Extrusion Manual.  Polymer development experience includes LDPE, LLDPE, ULDPE, HDPE, HMW-HDPE, m-LLDPE, EAA, ionomers, and adhesive resins. 

BFT conducts training seminars (either 1 or 2 days) on the following topics:
Basic Extrusion                       Coextrusion Technology         PE Polymer Characterization
Applied Rheology                  Blown Film Process                Film Properties
Gel Troubleshooting               Extrusion Troubleshooting     Blown Film Modeling
Design Experiments                Gel Analysis and Counting     Screw Design 

Tom is available for polymer selection in application development projects, troubleshooting the extrusion process, and can conduct in-house training programs on these subjects.

Tom Butler

Tom Butler

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